Model PEV-2, Electric Vacuum Reclaim System

Water Reclaim equipment

Need an effective simple way to reclaim water from your portable or on site pressure washing operations? The PEV2 vacuum with the VACU-BERM capture tool is the answer.

This system will capture wash water, provide separation of solids and oils, and pump treated water to sanitary sewer or to storage for proper more filtration and disposal. Pump to one of our OWS model oil water separator for really dirty jobs.

Runs on 120 volt AC power, best performance with 30 amps (runs both vacuum motors or run on 1 motor when full power is not available.
Will run a Vacu-Berm with up to 75 ft. hose
Will run a vacuum style flat surface cleaner with 50 ft. of hose.
Other uses include:
Water damage cleanup
Flood cleanup

Gas Engine Driven Vacuums

Portable power for best performance with flat surface cleaners or Vacu-Berm. The PD blower on a gas drive vacuum will provide maximum suction even with longer hoses. Uses the same vacuum type as a truck mounted carpet cleaner so it does not loose suction units available from 7 to over 30 horsepower.

Water Reclaim equipment