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Water Maze Water Treatment Systems


Water Maze is North America’s No. 1 manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment systems. Since 1989 Water Maze has been the leader in providing innovative technology for processing waste water that is created by a variety of industries. Originally designed for treating wash water run off from pressure washing applications, Water Maze treats any type of waste water created during manufacturing, or when cleaning industrial equipment.

Seattle Pump and Equipment is now a dealer for all Water Maze equipment including:

  • a_tn_WM_Innovator_GroupOil water separators
  • Water clarifiers
  • Wash water recycle systems
  • Bio-reactors
  • Waste water evaporators
  • And the new Innovator Series of coagulation/floculation treatment systems

From simple to complex water treatment problems you can trust Seattle Pump and Water Maze to provide the best possible solution. Contact one of our factory trained sales engineers today.

Water Maze Innovator Water Treatment Series

The all new Innovator Series takes water treatment to another level with advancements that completely change the way pressure wash and industrial waste water is handled. Conventional systems use beefed up pool filters and massive settling tanks. Water is continuously contained in these system where it can become stagnant and smell, and the filters need constant maintenance or replacement.

The Innovator Series addresses and eliminates the problems with conventional treatment methods.

a_tn_WM_Indexing_Polishing_Filter a_tn_WM_Innovator_CoAg a_tn_WM_Innovator_EC2


Click Here For An Electro-Coagulation Video Tour

Click Here For An Innovator Series Video Tour

Inovator Series Brochure

Bio-Remediation uses micro organisms to digest contaminants including oil, anti freeze, organic solids, FOG (Fats, Oils, Greases) and just about anything carbon based. Organisims naturally break down contaminants and produce CO2 and water, leaving clean odor free water behind. This is the type of Water Treatment used by Municipal Waste Water Treatment Facilities, and can be used in a smaller scale for your purpose.

Add biological odor control to your existing system with the PM-1000 Pit Management System

a_tn_WM_CL603-M-0406 a_tn_WM_PM-1000-M-0406

Pit Managment brochure

CL_Bio brochure

Bio Tour Video

Oil water separators

When only basic separation is needed choose a simple oil/water separator. The Alpha Series is a complete above ground unit and can be used in advance of another system or all by itself. A CL Series Clarifier is best when high solids are present. These units can also be used as pre-treatment to a bio-system or Innovator Series Package

a_tn_WM_Alpha3100 a_tn_WM_CL-600

Alpha brochure

Clarifier brochure

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