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Soaps, Degreasers, and Acids for Commercial and Industrial Use

Chemical Family Crop

Chemical Family Crop

Chemical Family Crop








Seattle Pump & Equipment now provides to our valued customers a wide selection of safe, bio-degradable and environmental friendly chemicals, as well as, high quality concentrated chemicals and degreasers for a variety of applications. Our products have been manufactured locally utilizing water based formulas that have been used successfully here in the Northwest for over 35 years!

The savings are in the DETAILS!

Most chemicals made outside our state are watered down to cover the cost of freight… Our chemicals are made locally and are much more concentrated. Our drum lasted 5 times longer than the one from Indiana! 5 X $300.00 = 1500.00 less the $549.00 cost of our SP-29 you save $951.00. This is just 1 of many examples of how Seattle Pump and Equipment can help you reduce costs and increase profits.

Cleaners & Degreasers
















This category of chemical cleaners are designed to cut through and dissolve fuels, oils, and greases from almost any surface. They contain surfactants and wetting agents in a water based solution with a higher pH. most of our cleaner and degreaser products are biodegradable.

SP-9 “HEAVY HITTER” The Power of Pink! The #1 seller for over 30 years USDA APPROVED FORMULA excellent for automotive and marine applications.
SP-15 ENVIRO-GREEN A safe, environmentally friendly ALL PURPOSE CLEANER
SP-25 CONCENTRATED KC USDA APPROVED Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic, Cleaner / Degreaser
SP-29 EXTRA HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER/FLOOR CLEANER Highly Concentrated Cleaner USDA APPROVED FORMULA Use From 1:8 To 1:80 detail shops LOVE this product from how it cleans floors to the MONEY they SAVE !

This is just a sample of over 250 products we carry!

Vehicle Wash






These products are designed for fast and effective wash of cars, trucks, ATV’s and boats. higher concentrations of wetting agents remove dirt and grime without attacking painted surfaces, glass or soft metals like aluminum. We offer both BRUSH and BRUSH LESS products.

SP-70 WASH AND SHINE Type Car Washes Dilute 5 Gallons Of Product In To 50 Gallons Of Water To Meter In To Brush System To Wash Up To 3500 CARS ! Or Use For Hand Washing By Mixing Just 2 Ounces Of Product Into A 5 Gallon Pail And Wash 2-4 Vehicles.
SP-77.5 “UNBELIEVABLE” BRUSH LESS VEHICLE WASH Use As A ONE STEP Wash For RV’s, Motor Homes, Cars, Trucks, Vinyl Siding, And Floors. Also Use As An Acid Neutralizer In A TWO STEP WASH. For Equipment, Large Trucks, And Busses.
SP-77 “UNBELIEVABLE PLUS” Double The Concentration Of Our SP-77.5 Lower “Cost Per Dilution” Means Higher Volume Users Can Save Money !


  • Hand Pump Sprayers
  • Wash Mits
  • Vehicle Wash Brushes and Handles
  • Drum ad Bucket Pumps
  • Liquid Proportioners
  • Private Labeling for Resale Products
  • Absorbent Products for Spill Containment

Call For More Information! (206) 283-5340 -Or- 1 (800) 863-PUMP














Acid cleaners are used to break the static cling that binds dirt and grime to the surfaces of trucks, trailers, tankers, and heavy equipment. We carry different types of acids for truck cleaning, aluminum brightening, rust and oxidation removal, and masonry cleaning.

SP-HA HYDROCHLORIC ACID also known as muriatic acid used for cleaning and brightening concrete and brick surfaces
SP-32 POLISHED ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER uses phosphoric acid to clean metal surfaces
SP-37Z “ALUMA BRIGHT PLUS” Our #1 seller in retail stores! Uses a blend of acids including hydrofluoric, phosphoric, and sulfuric to remove oxidation, clean, and brighten aluminum.
SPU-37 “ACID CLEANER TOO” Same as our SP-37Z product only with 30% more HF. The most economical product for 55 gallon drum users.
SP-37 “FLEET CLEAN” 70% More HF than SP-37Z, use any of our HF products as a “STEP ONE” for 2 STEP vehicle cleaning.
SP-38 RUST REMOVER / PHOSPHATIZER Designed for removal of rust or mineral stains from painted surfaces, also effective at removing grease and oil from bare metals in preparation for paint or plating.

Products available in the following sizes:

  • 1 Gallon Jugs
  • 4×1 Gallon Cases
  • 5 Gallon Pails
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Bulk Totes

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